Do I have to drop my current insurance to participate? add

No. You can keep your current insurance plan in case you are prescribed expensive medications or brand name only drugs. We will simply not send a claim to your insurance for prescriptions you receive through the Cost + Drugs program. 

Am I locked in if I participate? add

You are welcome to try the Cost + Drugs program whenever you like and for however long. If you decide to go back to the insurance model you may do so at any time. Keep in mind that we are not able to return medications that have left the pharmacy. 

Are there any hidden fees? add

No, our program is designed to be transparent. You are informed of the actual cost of medications and the professional fee for our services. This transparency helps you budget your healthcare expenses more effectively. 

Is a membership required? add

We do not require any membership to our program. We offer our Cost + Drugs Basic Level at no charge to you. We do offer yearly subscriptions that offer additional savings.