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4 Reasons Why Immunization Is Important

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August 23, 2023

Are you on the fence about getting your recommended vaccinations? The truth is, immunizations save lives. They protect not only you, but your community and the people around you. At Towncrest Pharmacy, we’re here to educate you more on vaccinations and help you make the right decision whether or not to get them. Here are 4 reasons why immunization is important:

1. Protects You

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The main reason that immunization is important is because it protects you. Vaccinations use your body’s immune system to increase protection to an infection before you come into contact with that infection. They are key when it comes to disease prevention. If you come into contact with an infection after you’ve been vaccinated, your body works to stop you from getting the disease, or, in some cases, you’ll get a milder case.

2. Protects Your Loved Ones

Immunization not only protects you, but it protects your loved ones as well. Getting vaccinated means you have less of a chance of getting the infection, and less of a chance of passing it to those you care about. While you may not be concerned with how a disease affects you, it can be more damaging to those around you — especially those who have underlying medical conditions.

3. Safe & Effective

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Another reason immunization is important is because it is safe and effective. Immunizations use a small amount of a weakened form or a fragment of a disease. It triggers your body’s immune response and causes it to either produce antibodies or induce other processes that enhance immunity. A majority of the recommended immunizations are about 90% to 100% effective, according to the CDC. Vaccines are considered safe to use, and in most cases, patients only experience mild side effects, if any. Every vaccine undergoes rigorous testing before being introduced and is constantly monitored for side effects. The most common side effects to immunizations are soreness or redness around the injection site and a low-grade fever. The side effects are less harmful than the threats the infections themselves can pose.

4. Can Protect Future Generations

Another big reason that immunization is so important is that it can protect future generations. As a result of immunization, many infectious diseases are now considered rare. For example, smallpox vaccination eradicated that disease worldwide, and children no longer have to get smallpox shots anymore. Vaccines can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate many diseases that can kill or severely disable millions. By getting vaccinated, you can help protect future generations and eliminate disease!

Get Immunizations at Towncrest Pharmacy

We’re proud to offer all the CDC-recommended vaccines at Towncrest Pharmacy. Some of the vaccinations we offer are flu, pneumococcal, shingles, Tdap or TD, and HPV. Our highly qualified staff can easily administer the immunizations at our pharmacy. Schedule your vaccine appointment at our pharmacy today!